BECTU ‘Dealing With Data’ workshop In Association with The Guild Of Television Cameramen

BECTU ‘Dealing With Data’ workshop In Association with The Guild Of Television Cameramen

This event takes place on: Aug 26 at 10.00 in Room 101, Space Studios Manchester

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‘Dealing With Data’ – In Association with The Guild Of Television Cameramen

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The speaker at this joint GTC/BECTU workshop is Lighting Cameraman Neil Harrison. Neil has over 15 years of experience in the broadcast industry with experience in Drama, Documentary, Sports, News & Corporate television production.

Initially trained in Commercial Photography he has worked in Post-Production, as a broadcast and film credited editor, as well as on a number of high profile television shows as Visual Effects Supervisor plus shooting for VFX and second unit. For the last 4 years he has focussed on work as a freelance lighting cameraman and has been shooting world wide including work in Russia and the USA.

He also specialises in Visual Effects supervision and Digital Workflow consultancy.

Topics for the day (10.00 – 17.00)

  • Data & Codecs – What is data? Card structures, Codecs 101
  • Data Management – Backing up, Data management procedures on large and small productions. How we can save the day…
  • Common Software and how it can help us – Shotput Pro, Da Vinci Resolve Lite, Catalyst Browse, Adobe Prelude
  • Establishing a Workflow – Workflows, Naming Conventions, Hard Drives & SSDs
  • Why Da Vinci Resolve Lite, is the best thing since sliced bread- Da Vinci Resolve Lite software overview, data wrangling, a brief look at editing & grading
  • Dealing with what you have shot – Working with log footage & LUTS (Will focus on Sony S-Log 2/3), ‘One Light’ Grading, transcoding & dailies, Q & A

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