Makeup Masterclasses

Makeup Masterclasses

This event takes place on: Nov 30 at 12.00 in room 110

ygypuinuOn November 30th we are hosting two makeup workshops for TV production, run by SS Makeup Academy – please note you will need to book onto both courses if you wich to attend them both. Register via this link.

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Please see below for details:

Eyes Makeup Masterclass – 12pm to 2pm

The all about eyes masterclass is for those who would like to focus on learning basic eye makeup, including eyebrows and eyeliner. This masterclass is 2 hours long with our amazing makeup artists, where you are shown a demo and gain some hands on experience.

This course covers:

  • Eye shapes
  • Good hygiene practice
  • Prep eye area
  • Smoky eye
  • Variations to smoky eye with various different colours
  • Basic eye makeup
  • Daily eye makeup
  • Dramatic eye makeup
  • Eyeliner techniques
  • Cutcrease
  • Eyebrow filling techniques



Basic Makeup Masterclass – 3pm to 6pm

The full face makeup masterclass is for those who would like to practice makeup application and learn new techniques based on a full face application. This masterclass is 3 hours long with our amazing makeup artists where you are shown a demo and gain some hands on experience.

This course covers:

  • Face Shapes/structure
  • Good Hygiene Practice
  • Skin analysis and preparation
  • Selection of correct colour of foundation & mix colours to achieve
  • Flawless Base – foundation, correct, conceal
  • Contour and shading techniques
  • Highlight application
  • Blush application
  • Smoky eyes with variety of colours
  • Blending of makeup
  • Eyeliner application and techniques
  • Lip enhancing techniques
  • Makeup product awareness
  • Recommendations of makeup/beauty products


To register for these workshops please click here.


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