Riskbox and Hiscox present a seminar on TV / commercial production insurance

Riskbox and Hiscox present a seminar on TV / commercial production insurance

This event takes place on: Oct 21 at 12.00 in SCREENING ROOM

riskbox-400In conjunction with Hiscox Insurance, Riskbox are running a seminar focusing on the issues production companies need to consider when working on everything to one day shoots through to large scale TV and film productions.

The seminar is hosted by The Space Project.

** Please note that the seminar is free to attend, however is limited capacity and strictly invite only  – for further details please email [email protected]**

Who is it for? The event is designed for the individuals within the organisation who are responsible for managing the production, from a risk and contract perspective. It would also be useful for people involved in determining the future direction of the business.

If you cannot go, or are not the most suitable person, then please respond with whoever you would like to nominate to take your place, and we will send further details to their email address instead

hiscox_logo_white_background-300When and where is it?

Date: Wednesday 21st October
Time: 12pm
Venue: The Space Project, Vaughan St, Manchester, M12 5BT
Travel: There is ample parking at the venue, and we will write to attendees again with further travel instructions


The times below are approximate

  • 12.00 Registration and networking
    12.30 Seminar
    13.15 Questions and refreshments, plus the opportunity to ask questions in private
    14.00 End

Who will be presenting?

Risk Box are pleased to announce that Robin Walsh, Head of UK and International Entertainment risk at Hiscox, will be presenting. Robin has spent the last ten years at Hiscox, leading the way in providing tailored solutions for production companies across all media and genre, from corporate videos and commercials to full feature films, through to the emergence of high quality digital offerings

What will it cover?

The seminar will cover aspects that small and medium production companies need to consider as they look to grow, and to attain larger, more interesting projects.

Topics tackled include:

  • Cutting through the contract noise
    Changing responsibilities under APA/IPA contracts and what to look out for, delivered in a simple jargon free way
  • War stories
    Interesting tales from real productions where things have gone wrong, why and what the consequences were
  • How this can be avoided
    Ways you can manage your contract and production risks, including from an insurance perspective

If you are interested in attending or would like to find out more please email [email protected] 

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