High End TV Production Management Wokshops

High End TV Production Management Wokshops

This event takes place on: Jun 10 at 09:30 in Meeting Room

BECTU are returning to Space Studios in June to deliver a range of workshops for developing production management  skills in high end TV.

Each course lasts a day and will be delivered by BECTU.

See below for a summary of each course and a link to the booking form:

High End TV Line Producing/Production Management Manchester – Introduction 10th June 2019

Line Producing/Production Managing is challenging, exciting and a critical role for any production. Making the step up to PM or across the grades can be daunting for any PC, 1st AD or indeed moving to larger productions for PM’s, as you hone your already excellent organisational and logistical skills further and develop your managerial and leadership abilities.

This modular course will furnish you with a thorough knowledge base of the critical skills necessary to become an excellent and effective PM. Using interactive seminars, practical exercises, workshops and industry examples, you will come away with a strong foundation with which to build your career further and excel as a PM.


Budgeting and Contracting 11th June 2019

In this module, you will look at how you balance creativity with practicality, the key function of a good Production Manager. You will look at the drivers of budget on a production, and think about problem solving to maintain high production values within budget constraints. You will look at Movie Magic for Budgeting, and do some hands on exercises.


Health, Safety, Risk, Stunts and Location Management 12th June 2019

Using your personal experiences, you will look at this key aspect for Production Managers, identifying areas of concern, as well as using video of risk and incidents, to raise knowledge of critical factors in assessing risk and how to mitigate them. This is especially crucial for Location Management.


Managing Your Team and Post Production 13th June 2019

A key element of the role of Production Manager is working with people, across all areas, to get the best from teams, but also more importantly to ensure the project is delivered within budget and to deadlines.


Scheduling with Movie Magic

This module is a practical based training session using both paper scripts as well as hands on experience with the Movie Magic software.



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